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How to Become a Presenter

Minnesota Operation Lifesaver, Inc.'s volunteer presenters include railroad employees, law enforcement officers, teachers and others. They present Operation Lifesaver public safety messages to audiences of all ages.

Presenters are supervised by the Executive Director and a specified, experienced presenter. They must successfully complete an 8-hour certification training program, give a 10-minute accredited presentation and pass a written test. They must also give an evaluated public presentation within 90 days of the certification class. Presenters must make a minimum one-year commitment, and give a minimum of four presentations a year.

  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Interest in public speaking
  • Good voice quality and enunciation
  • Ability to transport yourself and materials, and lift/carry materials weighing over 30 pounds
  • Willingness to serve the public
  • Professional image
  • Make official OL presentations as assigned, in a professional manner using official materials
  • Introduce the program to the public
  • Answer general questions from the public
  • Obtain sufficient materials for presentation in advance of meeting date
  • Give a minimum of four official OL presentations a year
  • Schedule own presentations (if scheduler volunteer is not available)
  • Complete the necessary record-keeping for presentations
  • Attend presenter meetings
To become a volunteer presenter, contact Minnesota Operation Lifesaver, Inc. or call 651-328-3259.

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