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Pedestrian Safety - Who gets hurt?

Ouch!In Minnesota:

  • In 2012, 40 pedestrians were killed and 874 injured.
  • Pedestrians are at fault for about half of crashes; Motorists are at fault for the other half.
  • The majority of pedestrian fatalities on Minnesota roads are males. We see a spike between the ages of 20-24, but fatalities happen to all ages.
  • Pedestrian-vehicle crash rates are highest during morning and evening rush hours. The number of severe crashes spikes at 2 a.m.
  • October is traditionally the deadliest month for pedestrians.
  • The majority of crashes occur at intersections. Of these, the majority are at signalized intersections.
  • The majority of crashes occur on low-speed roadways (35 mph or less) and in urbanized areas – the most severe and fatal crashes disproportionately occur in rural areas compared to population size.
  • Motorist behaviors that primarily cause pedestrian-vehicle crashes include failure to yield, inattention and distraction.
  • Pedestrian behaviors that primarily cause pedestrian-vehicle crashes include inattention, crossing mid-block, walking along the roadway and ignoring sign or signals.
  • About one-third of pedestrians tested in fatal crashes have high alcohol content (.10 or above) in their bloodstreams.
Source: Minnesota Department of Transportation, 2012 Crash Facts

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