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Nearly all homeowners have at least one potentially dangerous item in the garage, including sharp tools and chemicals. Here are a few garage safety tips that illustrate how even simple steps can prevent an injury:
  • Be sure the garage is well lit. Install the highest wattage light bulb that the overhead outlet safely allows.

  • Keep children's playthings in one corner within their reach, to discourage kids from exploring potentially dangerous areas.

  • Install slip-resistant flooring.

  • Remove items from the floor and store them in cabinets or on shelves, hooks or brackets.

  • Don't lean heavy or sharp objects against the walls, such as tires and gardening tools. These can easily fall on feet and small children.

  • Store ladders horizontally to prevent tipping and children climbing on them.

  • Make sure poisonous products, like automotive fluid, pesticides, paint thinner, turpentine and antifreeze, are stored on high shelves out of reach or in locked cabinets.

  • Keep a sturdy step stool nearby to aid in reaching items stored up high.

  • Mount a fire extinguisher and first aid kit in the garage. Be sure every family member knows where they are and how to use them.

  • Install a carbon monoxide detector rated for the garage.

  • Install a smoke alarm in the garage.
Source: National Safety Council