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Speed is generally thought of as "illegal" speed, or speed in excess of the speed limit. Speed means more than this. It must be considered as going too fast to be able to stop in the distance needed to prevent a crash.

How fast is that? I don't know! It varies! Certainly "over the limit" is unsafe, but other factors are involved. We - all of us - have a very distorted perception of speed! Consider how fast you are really going at any given speed!

60 Miles Per Hour (MPH) divided into 5280 feet or (one mile) equals 88 feet per/second.
30 MPH equals 44 feet per/second.

You actually travel this far in one second at 30 MPH.

Question: Does anyone remember, or know, what the average reaction time is for human beings?
Answer: It is 3/4 of a second from the time you see the hazard until you get your foot on the brake!

Even at the reasonable speed of 30 MPH you travel this far - 33 feet - before your foot hits the brake.

Question: How far do you travel after you apply the brakes but before your car comes to a complete stop? That's a dumb question isn't it? Why?
Answer: Sure! It varies doesn't it?

Question: What causes increased stopping distance?
Answer: Ice, snow, rain, quality of your brakes and tires and the weight of your car or truck, among other things.

Darkness, rain, fog, parked cars, blocked vision and other factors must also be considered when you think about speed.

You've got to be able to stop in the distance you can see!

Try to remember these issues the next time you're tempted to press a little hard on the accelerator.

Use your head to protect your body.